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Sunday, September 07, 2008

SJSU Post Game Impressions

Creepy Lil Red image courtesy of the Houston Watch Site. Lauren made the trip with me and was impressed with the turnout and the game.

· Ok, let’s start out with the biggest positive – the 2007 Huskers likely would have lost this game. I was impressed with our ability to take complete control in the 4th quarter. Last week I talked about the need to play a complete game and we’re still not there.

· The running game still looks pretty awful. Helu is a difference maker, but we need some consistency.

· The problems with the running game can’t all be pinned on the offensive line. The TE blocking is atrocious. Mike McNeill really struggled and was shoved back into the running lane more than a few times. This part of our game will improve. I trust in Ron Brown.

· The offensive penalties were honestly the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen. I thought that stuff was supposed be ironed out during midget football.

· Nate Swift still doesn’t give enough credit. I was all over this early on.

· Niles Paul needs more touches. This should be easy to fix. Make it happen.

· Dear 8 pound, 6-ounce Baby Jesus – please help Larry Asante. Amen.

· Meno Holt is almost there. He shows me something and then disappears for too long. I can’t see it on TV, but I imagine he is taking plays off or running lazy routes

· The zombie-style tackling is back. Put a Nebraska jersey on this guy and imagine him trying to grab a ball carrier, and you’ll understand what I mean.

· Anybody besides me have Dan Alexander flashbacks when Castille dropped the option pitch? I think Helu would have been in on that play but he lost his shoe, the play before. Could have been a completely different outcome given the amount of room to run that existed.

· Joe Ganz is a good QB. But he can’t carry this team through the Big 12 slate. The quicker we all recognize this the better.

· I thought the defensive line really played well. Especially given the loss of Barry Turner. Suh’s INT was quite the display of athleticism from a guy his size.

· Cody Glenn plays with the fire this team has been lacking. Unfortunately his motor gets him out of position sometimes. I’ll still take it, however.

· Dillard looked to have reverted back to last year’s bad habits. He still gets caught up in traffic and finds himself in the wrong gap too often. His open field tackling is a bright spot, be he needs to improve.

· Again, I hate to focus too much on the negative and I’m happy to be 2-0. But we still have a lot of the same problems from a year ago, and I worry about the wheels falling off once conference play starts. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.