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Friday, September 05, 2008

The USC Song/Call Girls

(Thanks to Busted Coverage for this diamond) You can now hire a USC Song Girl for $150 simply by filling out this application. Basically, you give Dr. Justine Gilman from the USC Lyon Recreation Center 30 days notice and what type of event you are hosting, then she gives you a Song Girl ($150.00 per girl if you want more than one) of your choice depending on her availability. In other words, put away the phone book because you won't need the yellow pages anymore.

I need a few things cleared up here. First off, USC needs to specify what type of events or parties are allowed here. Bachelor parties? Birthday parties? Fund raisers? Pool parties? Fraternity parties? Bar Mitzvahs? Tell me and the millions of Southern California men exactly what. Secondly, USC gets as much exposure as anyone so why make these girls do something that for the most part they are going to despise for a mere $150. Is this a way to pay off the debt they still owe Reggie Bush? Thirdly, what do the girls get out of this? I'm guessing nothing besides perverted old men staring at them for a few hours with a beer in one hand and a digital camera in the other hand.

Truth be told, I don't really care. Pool party anyone?