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Monday, August 04, 2008

Kevin Dixon Gone. Andy Christensen Still Here?

Senior defensive tackle Kevin Dixon has played his last down for Nebraska. The first big news of the fall camp came from Bo Pelini this morning when he said Dixon was officially dismissed from the team.

Dixon and a friend were stopped near campus at 12:30 a.m. on July 13. The campus police pulled over their car, in which was Dixon was the passenger, for improper license plates. After a search of the vehicle was conducted, a small amount of marijuana was found in the car. The driver, Lisa Iznaga, and Dixon were then both cited on suspicion of possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. The trial is set for August 15 after Dixon pleaded not guilty.

Before this incident, Dixon was caught taking a piss near Andersen Hall in early July. Later that month in court, prosecutors would charge Dixon with littering and the case would be sent to pre-trial diversion.

Said Pelini, "We move on, we move forward. We want guys that do things the right way."

Last March, senior offensive guard Andy Christensen was charged with first-degree sexual assault, resisting arrest and criminal mischief from an incident outside the fine, fine establishment known as The Brass Rail. Christensen was accused of reaching up a coed's skirt and groping her at the bar, and then when the police arrived, Christensen resisted arrest. The trial is set for later this month and Christensen remains 'suspended' from the team. He has not yet been dismissed.

I find it hard to believe that someone accused of sexual assault and facing up to 50 years in prison remains suspended from the team while someone who carried a small bag of marijuana and pissed in the bushes outside a dorm gets dismissed from the team. Neither one has been found guilty of either crime. Something doesn't add up here. Has Kevin Dixon been failing drug tests in the past and after this latest violation, did he fail another one possibly done by the athletic department? The worst punishment Dixon is going to get is a slap on the wrist and a small fine by the Lancaster courts - if he is found guilty. Christensen is headed for much more than a fine if he is found guilty. Obviously, the Dixon story is something we will never know the full extent of. And unfortunately, his departure will hurt as now Jared Crick, Terrence Moore, and Ben Martin are left to fill his void. Ouch.

On a brighter note, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim draftee Khiry Cooper found his way to campus for fall camp (he has until Aug. 15 to sign.) In order to sign a two sport athlete who has the chance to play at a top tier baseball and football school such as Nebraska means the Angels are going to have pony up and pay the 5th round draft pick 2nd round money. Since he hasn't been signed by now, I believe Cooper will be a Husker and be a productive addition at receiver for an already potent offense.