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Friday, August 08, 2008

Fan Appreciation Day: Minnesota Twins' Fans

I have no idea what is in the water in Minnesota, but I think I want some. Fans running onto the field has become a thing of the past. It's basically folklore or tall tales that people like your dad tell you. That is if you don't live in Minnesota. I'll be the first to say that if I'm a security guard getting dominated by a teenager running on the field then I have officially hit rock bottom. In the first video, check out the dude in the gray shirt that hi-fives Torii Hunter. Then, while his buddy in the white t-shirt plays decoy, gray shirt dude outruns a 70 year old lady security guard, touches 3rd base, and then slides head first into home. To top it off, the bat boy tackles him and throws in a few blows to the head. These are stories that most people make up. Gray shirt dude is going to his grave with a purple heart. He is what the USA embodies and what every child aspires to become.

Here is what I'm doing to show gray shirt dude up. I'm running onto the field sometime in September and clothes-lining Lil' Red while he dances around. I figure a month in prison is well worth 10 seconds of YouTube glory.