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Thursday, August 21, 2008

DXP College Pick 'Em Mania 2008 (X)2

It's time once again for the annual DXP College Pick 'Em contest. This year, we have decided to up the anty. That's right, we have TWO different contests with TWO prizes (which I'll update you on next post.) The first will be the usual ESPN college pick 'em that involves picking 10 games weekly straight up and putting confidence points on each game. The second will be the Yahoo college pick 'em that involves picking 25 games weekly by the point spread. Feel free to join either or both.

To join the ESPN group and probably get dominated by some of the best handicappers around these parts, click here to go the college pick 'em homepage and the public group name is "DXP". Make sure to read the rules as you not only pick winners but also rank your picks according to confidence.

To join the Yahoo group and definitely get dominated, click here to go the college football pick'em homepage. The group i.d. is "17638" and the password is "Huskers." The group name should be DXP, and once again, pick the winners by point spread only.

One week away from the anticipated return of the weekly "Take The Double Extra Points," in which you will see the return of Timmy Rose and in which will, as always, be loaded with the girls of college football. Here's a tiny, tiny teaser...