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Monday, August 04, 2008

Jarboe and Plumley

Not since Bonnie and Clyde has there been such an infamous gangster couple like Josh Jarboe and Jenna Plumley. Thanks to the Oklahoma athletic department for making this love connection happen. As you are all aware, Josh Jarboe was released from his football scholarship for bringing an unlicensed gun to high school and rapping about shooting people in a YouTube video just released on his debut album. His female sidekick, Jenna Plumley (pictured), is the starting point guard for the Oklahoma women's basketball team. On July 14, Jenna was arrested for shoplifting $34.65 worth of cosmetics from Wal-Mart in Norman.

This is 2008. Simply removing the bar codes on products isn't going to cut it like it did 20 years ago at stores like Wal-Mart. There are things in the 21st century like security cameras that can monitor every person in the store. If you need eye shadow that bad, steal some from the women's locker room. Likewise, the 21st century also brought about things like YouTube that can broadcast any home video on the internet, including ones from known gun offenders that rap about shooting people. I'm not an expert on guns or larceny, but I do know neither is what colleges look for in prospective student-athletes.

In a related story, the University of Oklahoma is taking applications for campus security positions.