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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bulldogs Back on Top After Preseason Battle

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past week, you surely noticed Georgia was the victim of a devastating sneak attack by the Russians, presumably due to the #1 pre-season ranking in the coaches poll. While two-a-days continued in Athens, Mark Richt’s squad was brutally attacked by the underrated Russian team. While the Russians looked to expose holes in the Bulldog defense, local fans came to Sanford Stadium to show their support, while Richt looked for ways to regroup.
Local fans came in out in the thousands. In the above picture you can almost feel the desparation on the faces of Georgia's fans. Anticipating a crucial defensive stand, one fan came prepared with the "Stop Russia" sign. Members of the Greek system even came out. A few members from Sigma Theta Eta can be seen holding signs in the bottom left of the photo. Looks like they left the cream of the crop back at the sorority house. It also looks like the fan holding a map of Georgia was a victim of the Georgia public school system years ago, judging from his lack of geography skills. Since when did Georgia look like Godzilla, with an "X" throgh the Apollo 13 lunar module above? Richt had no choice but to call in reinforcements with experience facing the crushing Russian offense.

Altough lacking any credible collegiate experience, back up safety Jed Eckert along with his cornerback brother Matt, were called upon, having witnessed a similar offensive formation while at a small Colorado High School. Matt was lockdown in defending the Russian spread formation, while Jed, unfortunately, contracted a debilitating form of pancreatic cancer during the intense battle. There were catastrophic losses for the Bulldogs, as starting left tackle Trinton Sturdivant was lost for the season. But over the course of the battle, the Russians began to sustain heavy losses, as the top-ranked Bulldogs started to show flashes of last year's Sugar Bowl performance, where they decimated Hawaii's overmatched troops. Georgia recently reported its secondary had shot down 10 Russian Migs. Although, the other side denied the incident, many have speculated an unnamed former Navy player was involved. Sound familiar??

After withdrawing their troops to let the Bulldogs continue their preparations for its opener with Georgia Southern, the Russians were gracious in defeat. Russian team scouts stayed behind to offer a token of goodwill towards the Georgians. Emmett Fitz-Hume has graciously accepted on behalf of all Georgians. All of us here at DXP send out thoughts and prayers to Georgians affected by this recent skirmish.