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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

The college football world is surprisingly quiet this weekend. This is the best I can do for you.

•The Huskers kicked off two-a-days with a scrimmage on Saturday. Apparently no one saw a thing.

•Football 365 does the work for me and highlights the winners and losers of the Huskers’ first week of Fall camp. I can't be the only one concerned that Evelyn Beck-Bothwell is making more headlines thus far than Steve Octavien.

•Big Red Network wonders if Missouri is the darkhorse in the Big 12 North.

•Pete Carroll continues to downplay his team’s “Hollywood” image…Wait, is that Ricky Bobby visiting a USC team meeting?

•Sports Illustrated points out ten freshmen to watch this season. Um, anyone who follows recruiting with a modicum of interest was already planning on watching these guys, but thanks.

•News Flash - College freshman uses fake ID and lies about it. Oh, and he also happens to be a USC quarterback.

•Ohio State offensive lineman Alex Boone decided to quit drinking after his DUI arrest in April. Shares of Budweiser stock have since dropped sharply; as Boone claims he had been drinking 30-40 beers per day!

•Ivan Maisel questions the idea that “defense wins championships”. We’ll see, I might have to take a stab at this one in the future.