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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hump Day Extras 2 - Electric Boogaloo

As the long and winding road to the opening game continues, I’ve become the little kid in the backseat asking if we’re there yet.

•Sam Keller may or may not be coming to Lincoln. But Arizona State fans offer Husker fans a warm welcome as they search for information on Keller.

•Steve Octavian and Andre Jones have returned to practice. If I were to tell you that they both could be at full speed by the USC game, would that be something you might be interested in?

•ESPN mentions the need for an improved running attack in their most recent Husker coverage. I’ll point out what they don’t. In our four losses last season we gained 170 yards on 110 carries and scored just four rushing TDs. That’s a paltry 1.55 yards/carry. Ouch.

Around the Blogosphere:

•The Big Lead has a fantastic interview with SI columnist/Letterman writer/actor Bill Scheft.

•Its been a banner week at UT. It was named the number one party school and the new pom squad was announced. Unfortunately they are not pictured in their chaps.

•Heisman Pundit releases his 2006 Preseason All-American Offensive squad. I love his take on the OL. I mean don’t we all just watch who has the ball during a game.

•The Business of CFB looks at college sports webcasts and provides a history lesson about what televised college football used to look like. Read the article he links to. Pretty amazing stuff given today’s coverage.