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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sammy Vegas - NFL "N"sider #2

I know this is supposed to be about the NFL, but you just can't ignore this. Watch the video and see if you can guess the former Husker who is now a crazy-kicking Canuck.

Yep, that was Sandro Deangelis with either the best Elaine Benes or the worst Vanilla Ice impression I have ever seen. The celebration was brought on by hitting the game winning 53-yard field goal as time expired against the undefeated Montreal Alouettes. Deangelis was 4/4 on field goals in that game and was named the special teams player of the week in the CFL for his efforts.

Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

With the college football season now just days away, we all understand the NFL must take a backseat. However, I promised you a weekly update, so here you go. Aside from Terrell Owens, the NFL preseason has been relatively quiet, thus far. More news about former Huskers will surely surface this week as teams start making significant roster reductions and adjustments to their depth charts. Next week I’ll discuss the players that were released this week, but in the meantime, I’ll briefly elaborate on players that I did not touch on last week.

Ahman Green: After tearing a quadriceps muscle five games into the last season, Ahman was back on Monday night with the Green Bay Packers to start his first game in nearly a year. In fact, coach Mike McCarthy was expecting roughly 15 carries from the former Pro Bowl back. What he got was 8 carries for 18 yards from a veteran back who just three years ago produced 1,883 yards and 15 touchdowns. Green was clearly frightened of contact, and given his lack of an offensive line and Brett Favre’s stubbornness to think he is still an NFL quarterback, look for another dismal season.

Daniel Bullocks: Drafted as the 8th pick of the 2nd round in last April’s draft by the Detroit Lions, Daniel started his NFL career with lofty expectations and has managed to impress this preseason. Bullocks is pushing veteran Terrence Holt for the starting free safety job while putting in time at both free safety and strong safety. Lions coach Rod Marinelli says of Bullocks: “He is really a load as a tackler. He can tackle. He's got good ball skills. He's got a lot of talent back there, so we've just got to let him compete, let these guys get after each other and let it all shake out.”

Scott Shanle: The New Orleans Saints recently acquired much needed depth at linebacker when they grabbed Shanle from the Cowboys for a future 4th round pick. We all remember and regarded Shanle as a player with good athleticism and a great work ethic, but did you know that last year he tallied 15 games played, seven starts, 50 tackles, 1½ sacks, and two pass breakups? I missed that as well. Look for Shanle to be the starter in Week 1 for the Saints.

Fabian Washington: When Charles Woodson became injured in Week 6 last season, Washington was immediately inserted into the Raiders’ starting lineup where he took plenty of abuse. However, Jerry McDonald, of the ANG Newspaper, recently described Fabian as someone “possessing the potential to be better than Charles Woodson ever was.” Washington is looking to help out a team that managed only five interceptions a year ago, and in week one of the preseason, he gave Art Shell something to smile about when he grabbed the team’s first INT of the preseason.

Grant Wistrom: Wistrom rejoined the Seattle Seahawks’ number one defensive unit last week, making his long awaited and hopeful return from shoulder surgery last winter. His injury was serious enough to make the Seahawk sign a free agent RE, but as Wistrom recently said, “good for him….I feel I have the right to be there. That’s my spot, on the right-end.” With 52 tackles last season and four sacks, including a Super Bowl sack, it is safe to say that is indeed his spot.

Titus Adams: As a seventh-round pick by the New York Jets, Adams recently just signed a multi-year contract of unknown details. Defensive coaches with the Jets have been impressed with his character and work ethic, and they expect him to contribute in their new defensive scheme at some point this year. Will he? Doubtful, but signing a multi year contract means somebody sees something. Adams will play along fellow Husker alum defensive end Trevor Johnson, who currently is third string and has recorded 29 tackles in two years.