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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hump Day Extras

The team is taking the day off so here are some links to keep you busy.

•Nebraska may have found a replacement for Harrison Beck in juco QB Brian Hildebrand. Hildebrand has some academic work to finish, but would be eligible to compete for a spot on the depth chart this fall. It would be nice to have another capable body, but you never know what you are getting from a transfer like this. My guess is if he arrives, the outcome of his career path will fall somewhere in between that of Jordan Adams and that of Zac Taylor.

•Tyrell Spain has moved from wide receiver to cornerback. He becomes the second receiver in as many days to switch to defense, joining Isaiah Fluellen who made the move on Monday. Either the staff feels good about the influx of talent at WR or it has decided that two WRs equal one Zackary Bowman.

Sunday Morning Quarterback has included Nebraska in their list of four teams that potentially fit the profile of “underdog” National Championship contenders. Their analysis is solid, and the whole concept involves a unique and interesting angle. Also included on their list are Cal, Louisville, and Iowa.

Sports Illustrated points out that the Huskers have five players fighting it out at I-back. And that’s pretty much all the article says. With the departure of Beck, it should be evident that whoever picks up the blitz best eventually wins the job.

•The Fremont Tribune tells Harrison Beck to take his act elsewhere in their “beating a dead horse” section.

•Finally, for those dying to read just one more 2006 Husker preview, I stumbled upon one from Just College Football.