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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Press Conference - I-Back Notes

Coach Callahan did little to clear up the depth chart at IB. Much as I had expected a clear starter was not named. Instead Callahan noted that the starter on Saturday will depend upon the first playcall. Marlon Lucky and Cody Glenn are listed as co-No. 1 and Brandon Jackson and Kenny Wilson are co-No. 2. Callahan also mentioned that the rotation at the running back position will be based mainly on personnel groupings and playcall selection.

Callahan repeated several times that he loved all four of the guys at IB and has been impressed with their attitude and approach to practice. He mentioned that they all bring something different to the table and that he can't wait to watch them play. Callahan feels they are all quality backs that are physical, capable and skilled enough to play. He stated, "we're going to play them all," and that it will be his job to figure out how to get one ball into the hands of four players.

Finally, Callahan noted that Randy Jordan has done a "heckuva" job of handling the stable of backs and has explained to them their roles on the team.