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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Spoke too soon...

As you’ve no doubt heard by now - the once immature, then more mature and now immature again, Harrison Beck - went AWOL and missed practice Saturday.

To make matters worse, Beck's mother then did a spot on impression of Kurt Warner's wife with these comments to the Lincoln Journal Star.

“It’d be different if (Beck) was sitting behind Matt Leinart or Brady Quinn,” Evelyn Beck-Bothwell said. “Zac’s OK; I wish him all the best, but he’s just OK. The bottom line is, my son isn’t learning anything. He’s just on his own. If he got more time and attention from the coaches, he would be ahead of (Taylor). That’s just my opinion, but I’m his mother.”
The soap opera continued as message board speculation insinuated that Mrs. Beck-Bothwell believed she was speaking off-the-record when making her comments to Steve Sipple.

Sipple then fired-back at those accusations in his blog (scroll down a few entries).

Coach Callahan confirmed that Beck missed practice again on Sunday and indicated that he had not spoken yet with the quarterback. This should probably serve as evidence that Harrison’s days in Lincoln might be numbered.

As proof that things could always be worse - cornerback Zackary Bowman tore his ACL and is out for the season. This means that Courtney Grixby must step-up his game and the learning curve for junior-college transfer Andre Jones just got much steeper. The injury also depletes an already thin cornerback position and highlights the need for Ricky Thenarse to get his academics in order and make it to yesterday.

Oh, and tight end Ryan Hill picked the worst time ever to commit to the Huskers for 2007. Welcome aboard Ryan. Please check your drama at the door and be sure pack an extra set of knee ligaments.