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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Preseason Top 25

I figure the night before the first day of Fall Camp is the perfect time to finally release my preseason Top 25. While everyone else rushed to get theirs' out, I sat back and, um...drank. So now Phil Steele is wishing for a mulligan, while my rankings benefit from and reflect the Rhett Bomar news.

  1. Ohio State

  2. Notre Dame

  3. USC

  4. Auburn

  5. Texas

  6. Florida

  7. West Virginia

  8. LSU

  9. Louisville

  10. FSU

  11. Miami

  12. Georgia

  13. California

  14. Penn State

  15. Virginia Tech

  16. Iowa

  17. Nebraska

  18. Clemson

  19. Texas Tech

  20. Tennessee

  21. Oklahoma

  22. Michigan

  23. Arizona State

  24. TCU

  25. Alabama

I can't say there are many surprises and it pained me to no end to place Ohio State and Notre Dame at the top. My only joy, therefore, will come in watching one, if not both of those teams choke. It should also be interesting to watch teams like West Virginia, Louisville and California attempt to solidify their place among the elite, while perhaps losing their coaches in the process.

As for Nebraska, I think this is where we belong right now. I've never been a proponent of the idea that momentum carries over from one year to the next, but in this case it impacted where I placed us. When I look at the teams around Nebraska in these rankings I can't help but think, "yeah, that seems about like us". I think that I would be very happy finishing anywhere in the Top 15 and a Top 10 finish would be ideal.

I plan on comparing these rankings to the final ones come January. Until then let me know what you think or put your own Top 10 in the comments.