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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tour De Camp Update, Etc.

Because I know many of you are too lazy to scroll down to my other Tour de Camp post. Anyway, here is an updated list of the yellow jersey recipients.


Terrence Nunn – 3
Greg Austin – 2
Kenny Wilson - 1
Joe Ganz - 1
J.B. Phillips - 1
Zac Taylor - 1
Lydon Murtha - 1
Nate Swift - 1

Cory McKeon – 2
Ola Dagundaro – 2
Lance Brandenburgh - 1
Stewart Bradley - 1
Adam Carriker - 1
Tierre Green - 1
Barry Cryer - 1
Ben Eisenhart - 1
Clayton Sievers - 1

Special Teams
Brandon Rigoni – 3
Jordan Congdon - 1
Ben Eisenhart - 1
Matt O’Hanlon - 1
Dane Todd - 1
Andre Jones - 1
Clayton Sievers – 1

I can’t say that there are many surprises on the leaderboards. I have a feeling though that Terrence Nunn is going to do great things before he is through here. I will not be surprised if he ends up playing on Sundays after a few more years under Gilmore’s tutelage

In other news:

•The first BlogPoll is out. This is a college football poll run and voted on by sports bloggers. I think it is a great idea, as these voters probably put more thought into it than our other so-called pollsters. I’ve been in contact with the developers and I'm trying to get a vote. We’ll see what happens.

•Speaking of the BlogPoll, Sunday Morning QB releases their ballot. SMQ has this to say about the Huskers at #16:
"SMQ says fear fear fear this team. It's not worth going overboard, but in last week's anatomy lesson on forecasting stunning mythical title contenders, the Huskers were the perfect storm of rising, highly-recruited talent, run-stuffing hellions and veteran quarterbacking cool under a new, big-name hire - i.e., a replica of Oklahoma in 2000 or Ohio State in 2002. Nebraska improved over the second half last year, played Texas Tech and Oklahoma very close in losses, detroyed division champion Colorado in a breakthrough game and capped it by hanging on against Michigan in a momentum-soldifying/building win. Definitely the Big XII North favorite, perhaps still a year away, maybe two (since Harrison Beck is out the door) from more. Or maybe waiting to pounce with cornfed, creepily-mascoted vengeance now. Don't say SMQ didn't warn."
•Texas Tech quarterbacks Chris Todd and Ryan Rowland duked it out in practice Tuesday. Rowland was left with a broken nose. I can’t believe an argument over who gets to hold the clipboard could escalate like that.

•Finally, M Zone discusses their favorite pre-season college football magazine. Hint - It's Playboy (careful, might not be safe for work).