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Friday, August 18, 2006

Quick Update

Just a Friday reminder of why we are all here. You’ll need sound so you might have to watch it at home (or invite your boss to check it out too). I could probably put this up every week and most of you would still watch it.

Anyway, you may have noticed some minor changes to the site. First, I have added some contributors to bring in some fresh commentary and insight. These are friends from college who have also refused to grow up or to lose their passion for the Huskers. Their profiles are now up on the site. I will let them introduce themselves if they so choose, but I am looking forward to their contributions and I know you will enjoy what they bring to the table.

Secondly, you'll now see weekly Top Ten rankings. This is because I was successful in my quest to attain a vote in the BlogPoll. I wasn’t expecting it and I’ll fully admit that I walked ass-backwards into it, as there were no Nebraska bloggers with a vote. However, I am extremely grateful to Brian at MGoBlog for the opportunity. Ok, here is how it is going to work. We will post our provisional Top 25 each Sunday night (or Monday) on the site. We are then asking you (Yes, YOU small, but dedicated group of readers) to give us feedback in the comments. We’re serious about getting your feedback. We may not use it, but we would like to see it. So, don’t be shy and tell us what you think (my parents are tired of carrying the comment load). If we get drunk and don’t actually remember the fourth quarter of a game with poll implications, well that’s where you come in. Or maybe you saw a late night Pac-10 game we might have missed, just let us know. Then after pondering your feedback, we then have until Wednesday to turn in our final poll for the week

The addition of the poll along with the new contributors should enliven the site and hopefully keep you coming back for your Husker fix.