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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tour de Camp

The “Tour de Camp” program which was instituted last year during fall camp by Coach Callahan is underway again. Given my background in sport psychology I’ve taken a special interest in this idea, which is a take-off of the yellow jersey sported by the Tour de France leader. The concept is designed to encourage the players to compete on a day-to-day basis and yellow jerseys are then given out each day to the top offensive, defensive and special teams player. At the close of fall camp an overall winner in each category will also be selected. I think this is a novel idea and it seems to be a good way to promote practice performance and to assess this on a daily basis. The players and coaches appear to have fun with it and everyone hopefully takes a lot of pride in wearing the yellow jersey.

Here are the yellow jersey recipients and I've decided to just keep the running list in this post until Fall Camp ends (if I remember to, that is). Keep in mind the jerseys are worn to practice the day after the players earn them. In addition, no results are final until all doping tests have been completed.

Wednesday - 8/16
Kenny Wilson (Offense)
Lance Brandenburgh (Defense)

Tuesday - 8/15
Joe Ganz (Offense)
Cory McKeon (Defense)
Jordan Congdon (Special Teams)

Monday - 8/14
J.B. Phillips (Offense)
Stewart Bradley (Defense)
Ben Eisenhart (Special Teams)

Saturday - 8/12
Greg Austin (Offense)
Cory McKeon (Defense)
Brandon Rigoni (Special Teams)

Friday - 8/11
Zac Taylor (Offense)
Adam Carriker (Defense)
Matt O'Hanlon (Special Teams)

Thursday - 8/10
Terrence Nunn (Offense)
Clayton Sievers (Defense or Special Teams)

Tuesday - 8/8
Lydon Murtha (Offense)
Tierre Green (Defense)
Brandon Rigoni (Special Teams)

Monday – 8/7
Greg Austin (Offense)
Ola Dagundaro (Defense)
Bradon Rigoni (Special Teams)

Sunday – 8/6
Terrence Nunn (Offense)
Ola Dagundaro (Defense)
Dane Todd (Special Teams)

Saturday – 8/5
Terrence Nunn (Offense)
Barry Cryer (Defense)
Andre Jones (Special Teams)

Friday – 8/4
Nate Swift (Offense)
Ben Eisenhart (Defense)
Clayton Sievers (Special Teams)

Random Notes:

Go to Bevo Sports to download an amazing college football schedule spreadsheet. It has tabs for the games of the week, as well as the weekly schedule for each conference. Every true college football fan is required to print this off at work and then place it in a convenient location near the TV.

New Colorado offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich apparently has his quarterbacks studying the playbook using a videogame/simulator hybrid. Lame excuse Dan Hawkins is sure to get sick of hearing on the sidelines: “I don’t know what happened coach. I tried to throw it away, but I couldn’t find the L2 button.”

The NCAA is set to rename its Division I-A and I-AA subdivisions. They will now be known as the Football Bowl Subdivision and the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision respectively. The new names refer the to post-season formats of each subdivision and are meant to reduce the stigma of big-time versus small-time college football. Call me crazy, but no matter what you label the subdivisions, I doubt anyone is going to overlook the obvious differences between USC and say, Weber State.