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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Checking in with the Blogosphere

Here is the best of what is out there on the college football blogs this week.

·The new BlogPoll is out and Nebraska moves up three spots after the strong showing against Troy. Thanks again for the feedback on my vote as it is always both encouraged and appreciated. In addition, I did move Cal and Nebraska up and FSU down in my final entry for the week.

·This week's BlogPoll Rountable Round Up summarizes the best of the week’s responses. Maize n Brew went above and beyond with their recap and it makes for an awesome read.

·College Humor counters the pundits with their own Top 25 that is rife with…humor. How fitting.

·KU’s Phog Blog has their preview of the Nebraska game up and it is really good. They were also gracious enough to link to my KU preview, so show them some love.

·This is Terrence Nunn. This is Terrence Nunn’s girlfriend. I now hate Terrence Nunn. Where were the girls like this when I was at UNL?

·Here is more evidence of how tough it is to be a Husker fan behind enemy lines.

· The most recent CFB graduation rates are out and Nebraska is matriculating an impressive 88% of its players.

· The House that Rock Built has a hilarious clip of a Michigan State radio host losing his shit live on air. Give it a listen. Anyone else think he might live in a van down by the river?

· The Corporate Headquarters of the San Antonio Gunslingers does a weekly recap of ESPN Gameday. Reading these has become more entertaining for me than the show itself.

· The Texas-OU hate-fest has already begun at Burnt Orange Nation. This next week is going to be a bloodbath. Bookmark BON and check back often. As a famous UT fan once told Dr. D and me - “Welcome to OU-Texas”.

· Loser with Socks examines who would win in a fight between Beano Cook and Brent Musburger. The more important question is who would do the play-by-play?

· Lastly, I want to give our readers a chance to speak their minds. Tell us what you like/dislike and what you would like to see more/less of on the site. Hell, use this opportunity to audition for a guest spot on the blog if you want. Leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments