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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Take the Double Extra Points

Last Week: 5-4
Season: 68-63-1 (52%)

As Jeffie Husker indicated, in all the mayhem surrounding our coaching search, it is time to relax, sit back, and enjoy what things are important in life. Girls, gambling, and girls.


California (-13) over STANFORD: How long has it been since Cal won at Oregon? In fact, they lost 5 of their last 6 games after being ranked #2 in both polls after that game. However, a win here gets them to a bowl and could possibly get these Cal students out of the tree. Note to the hippies: put your clothes on, cut your hair, and go talk to girls on campus that look like this.

Pittsburgh (+28.5) over WEST VIRGINIA: The Backyard Brawl turns 100 this year and is still one of the nastiest rivalries in all of college football. These teams despise each other more than my dates despise Rohypnol. W. Virginia will be on their way to the BCS championship but it won’t be without a little resistance from their bitter rival.

ARIZONA STATE (-6.5) over Arizona: Arizona State was embarrassed last Thursday as USC took them behind the woodshed. Arizona is off a huge win vs. Oregon at home in a game where Dennis Dixon was looking good until his knee blew up in the 1st quarter. You have to think Dennis Erickson is at least a touchdown better with superior talent at home against Mike Stoops.

Missouri (+3) over Oklahoma: This game kind of reminds me when #1 Nebraska was an 18 point underdog to #2 Florida State. This is up there as Oklahoma has 2 losses this year, ranked #9 and is giving points in a Championship game to a #1 ranked team. I know Oklahoma won the first game, but Missouri had the lead in the 4th quarter and saw a defensive scheme from Oklahoma that confused them into some costly turnovers. Beating a team in college football twice is tough and I really think the absence of OU RB Demarco Murray and a banged up QB Sam Bradford will let the Tigers finally win something in sports. And I’ll reiterate, if Missouri doesn’t win this and Ohio State gets to play again in the Championship I will eat my own vomit.

USC (-19.5) over Ucla: This is a huge revenge game for USC as UCLA cost them another National Championship as they would have had Ohio State. UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell has been told if he doesn’t win this game he is out. BREAKING NEWS!! Karl Dorrell is out. For the first time this season the USC football team has looked better than the USC Song Girls (and that’s impressive).


BYU -15 over SAN DIEGO STATE - Like A. Rose, we're going heavy on the Cougs this weekend. Note I said heavy ON the Cougs, not heavy Cougs. We like our Cougs light, but with a minimum of C-cups. After a lucky win (converting on 4th and 18 with under 2 minutes left), BYU finds themselves on the road matching up with the worst defense in the Mountain West. San Diego State has been calling Kevin Cosgrove for defensive strategy tips and clearly it hasn't panned out. They gave up 55 to TCU last week and it will get ugly early against a much better BYU offense. Look for the spread to be covered by half on this one.

CENTRAL FLORIDA -6.5 over Tulsa - Let me get his straight: UCF beat Tulsa 44-23 in October at home. They are playing on UCF's home field again 6 weeks later for the C-USA conference title and Tulsa's defense has gotten progressively worse. Tulsa has given up 39 points to Army (a team that will get blown out on Saturday) and 43 to Rice the last 2 weeks alone. I haven't seen a spread this off since Missouri was only a 6-point favorite over Nebraska in October. Take out a second mortgage on this one if you can and maybe you'll be back to even on your real estate investment when the Knights pummel the Golden Hurricane by 30 on Saturday.

Washington +14.5 over HAWAII - This is a classic letdown situation for the Warriors after an emotional win over Boise State last Friday night to secure the WAC title. Washington's offense will give Hawaii plenty of matchup problems, but their defense must be able to create turnovers against the Warriors to have a shot. Take the money line at +400 for the Huskies and stay up later than Robert Downey Jr. to see the end of this on on Sat night.


As you can see the girls have all started making bowl game arrangements in extreme anticipation that they might somehow be featured on our long awaited, highly publicized 'DXP Bowl Special Edition(s)'. Ladies, you look lovely, but it is going to take much, much less than what you are wearing to make the cut.

Well, let's get shopping.....