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Monday, November 05, 2007

I'm Pretty Sure This Used to Be Fun

Well, I’m still having a tough time getting my thoughts down on paper in electronic form.

I started a piece on what I think has happened this year, but haven’t decided what I want to with it yet. It included a lot more speculation than I am usually comfortable posting, which probably explains my hesitancy. At the same time, I’m also torn about what I should be covering at this point. I’m tired of talking about how crappy the defense is, and how awful this team is in historical terms. In addition, the stat geek in me can’t even be bothered to glance at the national numbers. That one hurts the worst. A year ago I was buried in numbers and it was quite frankly the most interesting hobby I’d ever undertaken. Not so much this season, however.

Because of that part of me wants to move forward. I’ve already started research for a series of posts that will look at rebuilding and coming back from a horrible season. I think a lot can be learned from the turn-arounds at places like Buffalo, ASU, UConn, Illinois and Kansas. So I’ll be looking at what has made those teams so much better in 2007 from various perspectives (statistical, coaching, off-field changes, etc.). But I think I’ll wait until at least the end of the regular season to really get going on this.

So, until then here are a few things I’m so over right now.

I’m so over Tierre Green’s Frankenstein-like tackling techniques. You know what I’m talking about – arms outstretched in front of him as the ball-carrier runs by.

I’m so over Callahan staring at his play sheet when he could be doing something, anything to motivate his players.

I’m so over rumors and speculations about coaching changes.

I’m so over safeties being unable to disengage from blocks on simple running plays. How do you let yourself get blocked 8-10 yards downfield in the first place…by a wide receiver?

I’m so over the worried looks and concerned emails from people who have better things to worry about than my mental health following another Husker loss.

I’m so over rewinding plays on TIVO to find out where Corey McKeon ended up – only to find out he was simply moved out of the way once again by a single blocker with more heart than #13.