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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bo Gets His Interview?

A flight from Lincoln is currently enroute to Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport. The plane is scheduled to arrive in Baton Rouge at 3:23 pm. The plane is registered to NORFOLK IRON & METAL CO (NORFOLK NE) and is rumored to be owned by a university trustee.

You can track the details of the flight here.

Update - Dick Robinson, President of Norfolk Iron and Metal is indeed a University of Nebraska Foundation Trustee.

Update - The plane touched down at 3:10 pm CST. Oh, and the mainstream media has now jumped on the story.

Update - The plane is now scheduled to depart for Fulton County Airport (Atlanta, GA) around 4:45 pm. Atlanta is of course home to the search firm of Baker-Parker and Associates.

A poster on HuskersIllustrated named BHein da huskers stated the following earlier today:

know how this trip is going down....

flying to batton rouge today picking up Bo and spending the night in atlanta. Tom, Perlman, Bo, his agent, and the firm are going to meet togther again on monday and there could be, Not for sure but COULD be a press confrence on Tuesday.
Looks like he's plugged in to the situation. Stay tuned.

Update - Still headed to ATL, but now it will arrive at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport.

Update - Ok, so is Pelini in ATL with Osborne and Pearlman or was he simply interviewed on the tarmac in Baton Rouge? The answer likely depends on if it's already been determined that Pelini is the guy. My take is that if he's in ATL he's our new head coach. If he's still in Baton Rouge does that mean other candidates will be flying into ATL for interviews?