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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Daily Coaching Search Update

· Osborne passed his recruiting test. The guy has a Ph.D. for chrissakes.

· Brian Kelly is denying contact with Nebraska
"I have had no contact with the University of Nebraska," Kelly told Cutler on 1530-AM in Cincinnati. "I have not had any contact with Nebraska nor has [AD] Mike Thomas. So just another one of those internet stories.
· Turner Gill is now being mentioned for several jobs including SMU, Washington State and now U of Houston.

· ESPN reports that Pelini’s interview didn’t go well. By contrast ESPN reports that Nebraska has narrowed its search to Gill and Pelini. Wait a minute…the Worldwide Leader in what?

· Pelini appears to have the upper hand because he’s less black than Turner Gill. That's really a shame too, because Gill speaks so well. In other news, Ted Miller's ironical fight against institutional racism is unending.

· The Heavy Soul an underrated blog from some Nebraska boys is citing its own source stating:
"Unless there are contractual snags Pelini will be hired. Therefore I won't say it's 100% because that could happen (although I believe that's already been taken care of and we will know Sunday or Monday once the SEC game is over and Bo can hop on a plane to Lincoln)."

"I will say this...TO is keeping quiet on any final decision he has made...even to those who have helped him in big ways with this search."
Daily Internet Rumors (I only wish I was kidding)
· A student by the name of Pelini is enrolled at Pius X High School for the spring semester.

· Rich Rodriguez was seen getting off Dick Robinson’s now untrackable plane in Norfolk.

· Mary Pat Pelini had her gynecological history transferred to a Lincoln physician. Not even powerful HIPAA laws can stop this madness.