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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Take the Double Extra Points.

Last Week: 6-4 (60%)
Season: 55-49-1 (53%)

Last week, Timmy Rose guaranteed a victory by Notre Dame by at least 10 points over Navy or he was done making picks for the year. I’m not one to poke fun. In fact I was wondering all week how to get him back on here. We compromised. I give him my Halloween date for an hour, he picks Navy. He reluctantly agreed. (careful with the taps, the tubes aren’t very well secured to the can, i think something is wrong with the box)

(props again Lobster Bob)

My Halloween, New Years, St. Patty's Day, Cinco de Mayo, and 4th of July date (and an hour with T. Rose) isn't free. DONT WORRY!!

These 5 star picks are…


MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE (-13.5) over U. Louisiana Lafayette: MTSU is on a 4 game winning streak and ULL has one win this entire year. ULL is coming off a beat down last week at Tennessee where they got beat up more than Jeffie Husker parading his ‘Jeffie Husker’ Husker jersey at the bars in Tallahassee. MTSU needs this one as they are sitting one game back of Troy and have them on deck for the Sun Belt championship.

GEORGIA (-1) over Auburn: Georgia controls their own destiny in the SEC East and has one more after this at home vs. Kentucky. Auburn has played a brutal schedule this year with no offense and their defense is good and has allowed them to stay in every game – much like the defense of every Omaha bar girl I approach before 12:30. Plus, I had to get this picture in before the season wore out.

WASHINGTON STATE (-10.5) over Stanford: Stanford’s win over USC was luckier than Bill Callahan not getting a pink slip Sunday morning. Seriously, how does a team with the 100th best offense and 104th scoring offense beat USC? WSU is back at home for only the 2nd time in the last 5 weeks and last time beat UCLA by 20 and out-yarded them by almost 300 yards and the time before lost to Arizona State by 3. I already got Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears lined up for this blowout.

Arizona State (-6.5) over UCLA: How bad is UCLA? They lost to Notre Dame, Washington State, and Arizona the 3 out of last 4 weeks. But wait, the one win was vs. Cal. What? ASU is 8-1. Exactly, ASU coach Dennis Erickson can coach, UCLA coach Karl Dorrell can’t.

Florida (-6) over SOUTH CAROLINA: I don’t like anything about the Gators. I don’t like anything that has to do with Steve Spurrier. I don't like Urban Meyer. So anyways, Erin, like I was saying. You are clearly desperate, I am clearly available. What do you think of a guy like you and a girl like me?

IOWA (-14.5) over Minnesota: This is completely the truth – look it up. Minnesota has been out-gained by almost a 1,000 the yards the last 3 vs. ND State, Michigan, and Illinois. In fact, they haven’t out-gained an opponent all year in total yards with a spread offense. Iowa will get their 3rd straight win and cover here or I will not make a pick for the rest of the………………day.


HAWAII (-17) over Fresno State - This is a rare opportunity for Hawaii to showcase its team on national television as this one is broadcast just minutes after Dr. D's weekly drunk-dial to one of his 'lucky' students (10:05 CST if you plan to watch on ESPN2). Coach June Jones will run this one up to get QB Brennan as many Heisman votes as possible. Brennan needs 3 TDs to break Ty Detmer's career passing TD mark and will do against a weak Fresno D. The Warriors scored 68 on the mainland against the Bulldogs last year and if Cosgrove is consulting Fresno, they may just put up 76 against them this year.

OKLAHOMA STATE (+6) over Kansas - It might be more difficult to score 10 straight TDs playing NCAA Football on Xbox than it is to put up 10 straight against the hapless, talentless, heartless, embarrassement of a defense that Cos-choad is somehow still allowed to coach in Lincoln. While KU has covered every game this year, we saw with last week's Colts-Patriots game that betting on 6 point road favorites that have covered every week is hardly a lock. I'm betting that Mark Mangino misses kick-off to clear out the hotel buffet, has a mild heart attack walking from the locker room to the field, and KU doesn't recover from an early 2 TD hole.

Navy (-15) over NORTH TEXAS - While Navy could feel more of a letdown than A-Rose after a Cougar has to leave the bar to tuck her kids in, we're guessing they won't put more than twice in this game. Navy has only punted the football 11 times this whole season (that's the exact number of TDs KU scored on Nebraska last week) which is fewest in the NCAA. North Texas has one of the worst rush defenses in the country (but not quite as bad as Nebraska's and North Texas does not have a single 4-star recruit). North Texas will get yards and points against Navy's pass defense, but a few turnovers will lead to easy Navy points and the Midshipmen are much more disciplined than the Mean Green from Denton.