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Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Conversation Starter

It's been a long week and with a bye on Saturday, let's throw some guys under the bus form some humble opinions about this year's team.

First up?

Biggest Surprise:

No one jumps out at me as having a Corey McKeon-type 2005 breakout year, but we can come up with something.

1. Alex Henery
Everyone expected Adi Kunalic to be our field goal star in 2007, but it's been the walkon that has stolen the spotlight. Henery has yet to miss on a kick in 2007. He's 8/8 on FGs and 40/40 on XP tries. Henery also earns bonus points for trying his best to fill out Adam Carriker's #90 jersey this season.

2. Zach Potter
Potter makes the list simply because I expected so little from him. All he's done so far is become our most consistent defensive lineman. I apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Potter for my low expectations.

3. Joe Ganz
I honestly expected Ganz to get a shot at some point in the season given Keller's injury history. I did not expect him to shine the way he has the past two weeks. If you had told me that by the Colorado game I'd have a better sense of Nebraska's 2008 QB than Nebraska's 2008 head coach, I'd definitely would have chuckled nervously.

4. Marlon Lucky's Health
I certainly doubted that Lucky could become a workhorse in 2007. He's certainly carried the load for us this season and has put up some damn fine numbers. Even more surprising in my eyes, however, is that he seems to be playing his best football late in the year. That's not what you'd exect from a running back who has taken the pounding Lucky's taken this season.

Biggest Disappointment
I'd look to put everybody under this heading, but I'll try to single out a few special folks.

1. Corey McKeon
He's #1 and it's not even close. He's been so bad I can't even put it into words.

2. Matt Slauson
This guy was on numerous preseason All-Big 12 teams including my own. My eyes, however, tell me that he's taken a step back from the end of his freshman year.

3. Carl Nicks
Much of what I said about Slauson applies here as well. I thought Nicks might play his way into the first round of the NFL Draft, but he's been inconsistent and doesn't dominate like he should.

4. Safety Play
Every year I think the play of our safeties has to get better. Every year I'm let down. Asante has shown some flashes but is often out of position, whiffs on big hits and looks to be a linebacker rather than a safety. Perhaps a new coaching staff will agree with me on that. Tierre Green is still Tierre Green. The play last week where the KSU running back reversed field and Green did everything he could to avoid getting near him will be forever etched in my memory. He'll get a shot at the NFL, however, purely based on his measureables. Scary huh?

So, I'm hoping you guys feel like playing along, add your thoughts in the comments.