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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Search Continues

Apparently sometimes a team meeting, really is just a team meeting. And sometimes Howard Hawks sends his plane to Atlanta on business not involving our coaching search. Who knew?

I guess we must all be crazy.

In other news, Tom Osborne announced that he will be hitting the recruiting trail on Thursday and Friday. Does that seem strange to anybody else? I mean as much as I like seeing Tom out looking for players, what does this mean for the status of the coaching search? We have a nice supply of recruiting visits to use on uncommitted players, players that might be waivering in their committment or those that have decommitted amidst the turmoil. My question, however, is why not leave those for the new head coach once he is named? Unless of course that new coach is busy preparing for an important game (like say the SEC title game) and has sent the ageless wonder into living rooms in his place. I just don't know what to make it, what about you guys?

In other related news Turner Gill was named MAC coach of the year. Not bad for the old resume.

Also rumors swirling tonight that Osborne will interview Brian Kelly tomorrow. That would make me extremely happy if true.

All I know is I can't take another lingering one-man, veiled coaching search.
So, for God's sake LOCK IT UP already. It's been three days!