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Thursday, August 27, 2009

These Bud Light Fan Cans Aren't For You

(That red and white up there? Yeah, you can't have it.)

If you haven't heard by now, many college campuses across the country are not exactly happy with Anheuser-Busch's new marketing strategy. The promotion goes something exactly like this:
"Show your true colors with Bud Light. This year, only Bud Light is delivering superior drinkability in 12-ounce cans that were made for gameday."
The beer company is planning on selling 27 different color combinations of their Bud Light cans specifically targeted at certain schools and their fan bases. And although the cans don't bear the school's name, the colors just so happen to directly coincide with the school colors. I think it's a brilliant marketing idea for a company that has seen it's first decline in sales in over 25 years, but don't tell that to school administrators. Any school that has written or voiced a formal complaint has been dropped from the promotion.

And as you could have guessed, don't count on grabbing your red and white Bud Light cans anywhere in Nebraska anytime soon. Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne is leading the cause to have the Anheuser-Busch distributors not join in on the fun across the state. In fact, only one distributor in Nebraska - Sandhills Distributing in North Platte, Neb - has received a shipment of red and white cans, but they have yet to send any out.

Along with the Nebraska, so far you won't find any of these cans in Colorado, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Massachusetts - just to name a few. However, if you are planning on traveling to a game this fall in Ames, expect to get to the beer store early if you want a "Maroon and Gold" can. Rich Parizek - of Campustown Liquor near Iowa State University - said 'it was a great idea' and these cans have been 'selling like hotcakes.'

For more information on these cans, you can visit Bud Light's 'Tailgate Approved' here.