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Friday, August 14, 2009

College Smokeshow of the Week: Oregon's Katelynn

#14 Oregon and #16 Boise State will meet on Thursday, September 3rd in what will be the first marquee game of the season. With one eye on the field and one eye on the sidelines, it should make quite the Thursday.

Meet Katelynn (HT: BC) Katelynn is a senior cheerleader at Oregon and is pursuing her degree in sociology.

Her ambitions in life:
'Graduate college, get married, have kids, be successful and happy with all I do, and live life to the fullest while having a little fun along the way. ..'
Her hobbies:
'Dancing, meeting new people/trying new things, outdoor activities, family/friends, painting, writing poetry, relaxing in over sized sweats, eating Red Ropes and Funfetti Cake, and being around positive people.'
Enough with the small talk. Here's Katelynn in action:

!Viva la Smokeshow!