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Thursday, August 13, 2009

2010 College Pick 'Em Contests

Join DXP with KU blog Oread Boom Kings and MU blog Mizzourah in our yearly college pick 'em contests.

The ESPN group is little more amateurish and you just pick games straight up on confidence points. The Yahoo group will be picked on point spreads with confidence points so the difficulty and excitement is twofold.

And when you sign up, make sure to put either a NU, KU, or MU next to your team name so you can be identified for better or for worse. In fact, it doesn't matter what school you are from, just identify yourself.

Here's the ESPN link:

Group Name: Big 12 North
Group Password: big12champs

Here's the Yahoo link:

Group ID #: 7272
Group Password: big12champs

We might be having a few more guests join in on the fun, but I wanted to let you get a jump start on the sign-up. Also, it's a good idea to have both groups send you a reminder on Friday to make your picks so you don't forget a week. There will be a message board at Yahoo so feel free to voice your enthusiasm or disgust as needed.