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Friday, August 28, 2009

Quentin Castille To Enroll @ Northwestern State (LA); Hopes To Play September 5th vs. Houston

Although schools such as Memphis, Oregon, and Texas Southern all came calling, it appears former Husker RB Quentin Castille will play for the Demons of Northwestern State, which is located in Natchitoches, LA. The move down to Division 1-AA (FCS) will allow Castille to use one of his two years of remaining eligibility immediately. As you know at Memphis or Oregon, there would have been a one year grace period before he would have been able to see the field because they are in the same division as Nebraska.

Apparently, it was love at first site for Quentin according to his mom, Wanda:
“As mom, I kind of stepped out of it because I didn’t want any influence on his decision. But I do know he talked about liking the coaching staff that was there ... and he said he felt a chemistry with the players when he got there.”
Castille said that he hopes to play vs. Houston on September 5th - which is 20 miles from his hometown. The Demons are coached by Bradley Dale Peveto, who was a linebackers coach under Bo Pelini at LSU. Obviously, Bo still thinks highly enough of Quentin to refer him to a former colleague.

Maybe I'm wrong, but the direction I see Quentin taking here is the fastest, most direct path to the NFL. After this season, Quentin qualifies under the '3-year rule' and will be able to enter the NFL draft next April. I'm not seeing this move having anything to do with academics but having everything to do with getting on the field as soon as possible and dominating for a season. No question he's already in game shape and no question he has the size and speed to turn the NFL scouts' heads when he will more than likely hit the combine this winter.