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Monday, August 17, 2009

Matt Davison 5th on Pat Forde's 'Foulest Villians Of Them All' List

In Pat Forde's lastest ESPN column "Foulest 40 villains of them all," Nebraska's Matt Davison comes in very high at #5.

Said Forde:
"5. Matt Davison -- Nebraska wide receiver, 1997-2000

Hated by: Missouri, Michigan.

Claim to Infamy: Davison was the previously anonymous guy on the receiving end of the flea-kicker, a pass that altered the course of the 1997 season. Trailing 38-31 against Missouri on the last play of regulation, the pass flew from Cornhuskers quarterback Scott Frost to wingback Shevin Wiggins -- who did not catch it, instead kicking it into the air as he fell to the ground. Davison then dove in out of nowhere to cradle the ball inches above the ground for the tying touchdown. Nebraska went on to win in overtime and share the national championship with Michigan, which would have had the title to itself if the officials had correctly called the play an illegal catch after the kick."
And in case you didn't know, Forde is a 1987 graduate of the University of Missouri. Go figure.

Let me help Forde out as I think he might have omitted one from the 'Hated By' list up there. It's the kid at the Nebraska-Oklahoma State basketball game last February in the Bob Devaney Sports Center.

Said Sean Callahan:
"Somebody from the crowd was given the chance to shoot a halfcourt shot for money and their option was they could shoot it or Davison could. The winner chose to shoot himself and missed ... they gave Davison a shot just for fun, and he nailed it. Some guys are just clutch I guess."

Gotta love Davison running around and high-fiving the crowd. That kid was pissed.