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Monday, August 27, 2007

Random Husker Thoughts

A Few Things I’m Pondering on Game Week

· Why are the photo galleries on so awful? All that money for facilities and we have some guy with a camera phone taking nine pictures a day for the official athletic site?

· Speaking of facilities, if Steve Pederson is still having trouble paying the bills, he could always sell advertising on Ndamukong Suh’s arms.

· Is it possible that Jim Rose actually has the best blog in Husker Nation? I really think he might.

· I recently witnessed a discussion on a Husker message board about the relative “fitness” of the USC players based on a practice photo gallery. It was totally the male version of “did you see that skirt Heather was wearing? What a skank!”

· I decided against heading back to Lincoln for the USC game. As much as I’d love to be there – I have a personal three game losing streak in games I’ve attended in person (Texas ’03, Southern Miss. ’04, Texas ’06). But as superstitious as I might be, I’ll be on suicide watch if we pull the upset in my absentia.

· This is the time of the year when everyone is arguing over which freshman will have the biggest impact? The more interesting question is which freshman will the fans turn again first for failing to live up to Rivals-induced expectations?

· The early betting line is out and Vegas has set the over/under on Callahan’s jaw-unhinging, facial tic for the Nevada game at 70. Let’s see we averaged 69 plays a game a year ago and at least one tic per playcall, facing an overmatched Nevada team. So, yeah I’m all in for the overs.

· At North Carolina State Harrison Beck is fighting hard for the starting job. Judging from this picture he’s also developed a close relationship with his Wolfpack teammates.