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Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy Birthday DXP!!

Lost in the shuffle of preseason excitement was the fact that DXP celebrated it's first anniversary on Thursday. It was an amazing first year from my end and I hope you've taken something away from the site as well. I had no idea what I would do in this space, and worried it might become another of my failed adventures. Kind of like that time when I was five and in a fit of rage at my parents, declared that I was running away to Penn State where Nebraska would meet the Nittany Lions later that day. I packed a gym bag and hopped on my tricycle, only to have my plans foiled by the realization that I wasn't allowed to cross the street. Completely true story. With a warped childhood like that, is it any wonder how I got here?

Anyway, just wanted to thank all of you who continue to stop by despite irregular posting, incessant ramblings and unnecessary advanced statistics lessons. Special thanks to all of the other Nebraska bloggers for their camaraderie as well as to the frequent commenters at DXP who keep the site fresh.

I've been neglecting this site a little lately as I've been writing at a frenzied pace in preparation for a Big 12 preseason blowout at the FanHouse. Brian Grummell and I've been discussing, researching and debating what we feel is a nice look at the conference. The posts should start showing up on Monday.

So, thanks again for your patronage and let's make year two even better.

Go Big Red,


PS - Remember when there used to other "contributors" to the site? I wonder what happened to those assholes. I'm starting to miss the gambling and the girls and the drunken pictures of Dr. D.