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Monday, August 13, 2007

For Those That Bought WF Season Tix...

A brilliant idea from a poster at Huskers Illustrated named Virginia Husker:
There's a big military hospital (Womack) at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, which is about 100 miles from Winston-Salem. A large number of GIs wounded in Iraq are treated or rehab there. They also have a "Warrior Transition Battalion" for wounded who are no longer in-patients but who will not be returning to regular duty and will eventually be discharged from the army.

When I received my season tickets, I noticed that their second home game is Army and thought maybe those soldiers would like to have the tickets. I called Womack this morning and they said yes, please send them. They asked how many they might receive and I told them they would be coming from Husker fans who bought season tickets, I didn't know how many there were, but pulled the number 40 tickets out of the air. I sure hope we can come up with that many.

Here's the mailing address (use all CAPS):

FT. BRAGG, NC 28310.

They did say they'd be happy to receive all the tickets we won't be using, not just the Army game. I asked about transportation and said I was certain we could spring for a good tour bus but they indicated that they could provide transportation and also that many of the troops in the Warrior Transition Battalion had their own cars.

So, before it slips your mind, unless you have a better use for them, please get those tickets in the mail to Womack. Thanks.
As someone who spent a year working at a VA Hospital, I know that there are many veterans who are looking for anything to take their mind of off their illness/injury/trauma. Why not show your appreciation for their efforts by sending them your extra tickets. This is clearly one of those rare win-win situations.