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Friday, August 31, 2007

Husker Fans Can Help With New CFB Project and Book

I was recently contacted by Andrew Reed who is cruising across America on the longest touchdown drive of his life and looking for help with a new college football book. Reed is taking an in-depth and hands on journey into the world of college football. He will travel all fall to some of the biggest and most historic games on this season’s slate – including USC at Nebraska.

Reed is currently looking for the ultimate Nebraska fans to help him better understand Husker Nation. According to his website:
“I will include the history of each of the schools, particularly as it relates to the fan base and their traditions. A key insight will be the breakdown of fans that know the history and further, how important it is to them. Finally, I will also assess the future of the college football fan. Certainly, there are the aforementioned forces working either for or against them, but their attitudes will go a long way to shape the future of the sport.”
If you think you can help with the Nebraska portion of Andrew’s journey head to his website for more details or contact him at:

anreed_at_gmail_dot_com (remove the underscores and replace “at” with @ and “dot” with . )

If you really want a sense of the scope of Andrew’s project, check out his travel and game schedule for the fall:

9/1 – Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame
9/3 – Florida State @ Clemson (Monday game)
9/8 – Virginia Tech @ LSU
9/15 – USC @ Nebraska
9/22 – Iowa @ Wisconsin
9/29 – USC @ Washington
10/6 – Texas vs Oklahoma @ Dallas
10/13 – Guilford College @ Bridgewater College (Div III)
10/18 – South Florida @ Rutgers (Thursday game)
10/20 – Princeton @ Harvard
10/27 – Florida vs Georgia @ Jacksonville
11/3 – Wisconsin @ Ohio State
11/10 – Arkansas @ Tennessee
11/17 – Ohio State @ Michigan
11/23 – Texas @ Texas A+M; or 11/24 – Alabama @ Auburn
12/1 – UCLA @ USC