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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Time To Find Out If There's Magic in the Ivy

While we wait a few more days to see if Missouri gets to hold on to the prestigious Missouri-Nebraska Bell, there's October baseball to play at Wrigley starting tonight.

Speaking of the coveted Mizzou-NU Bell, which I didn't know existed until this week, does anyone have a picture of this thing?

I tried to consult Google Image Search, which Sammy Vegas swears has the most complete archive of digital images on the planet and came up with pictures of a bell curve, the Liberty Bell, Pink Floyd's album "The Division Bell," a Bell helicopter, the gravestone of a guy named John Bell, the Taco Bell dog, the St. Louis Arch (?), and the lovely Kristen Bell, but no MU-NU Bell. Maybe we can just have Kristen wear the jersey of the winning team at the following year's game. What do you say Mizzou fans? Looks like she's a fan of the Blackshirt defense.