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Monday, October 06, 2008

Rule 13-8-3a: Thou Shalt Not Play Dirty



Said Missouri QB Chase Daniel (from ESPN):
"Nebraska was definitely one of the dirtiest teams I've played. You've got to settle it on the field, and I think we more than did that tonight."

What Chase is referring to is an incident he said took place before the game. He accused a Nebraska player of spitting on him.

"I'm not going to say who it was," Daniel said Saturday. "He knows who it is. I think that's bush league. I've never done that. That's blatant disrespect."

Daniel also said 'Nebraska players threw footballs at the Tigers as they were warming up.' Pelini had no idea these incidents occurred during the game but said he had seen the film and couldn't find anything. Pelini also stated he had been trying to contact Gary Pinkel to discuss the incidents but hasn't heard anything back.

"Usually, you'd know about something like that," Pelini said. "But I'm going to investigate it and find out because that's unacceptable if something like that happened. And I would hope that the opposing coaching staff would let me know if something like that happened. I didn't see dirty play out there."

I'm not condoning spitting on other players. However, you just won 52-17 against "your rival" and instead of celebrating with your team and coaches, you feel the need the point out that someone might or might not have spit on you. I know this has never happened in football and certainly not to a football player named Chase, but what goes on on the field should stay on the field. Enjoy your win and stop complicating matters for both teams and coaches. And throwing footballs at other players while they are warming up? Are we in third grade and if you tell on someone you get to be hall monitor for a day? Pop Warner games get more violent than that during warm-ups. I actually hope this story continues to blow up and instead of focusing on and taking questions on Oklahoma State you still have to deal with this accusation that may or may not have happened. Douche.


From LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska coach Bo Pelini says there is insufficient evidence to prove Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel's claim that a Cornhusker player spit on him before Saturday's game in Lincoln.

Pelini said Monday that he spoke with his team and talked with Missouri coach Gary Pinkel.

Pelini characterized his investigation as a lot of "he said-he said." As for whom Daniel accused specifically, Pelini says it was "a little bit gray."

Pinkel declined to comment on the matter Monday. Pelini says it's a moot issue now.

After Missouri's 52-17 win, Daniel said Nebraska was one of the dirtiest teams he had ever played against.

Whew! I was getting worried, but I guess we can put this to rest. It turns out poor little Chase really didn't get spit on and that he just wanted to get back at all the schoolyard bullies that used to call him "tubby" and "butt-chin."