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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nebraska vs. Iowa State Recap

  • Iowa State is bad. After starting the season 2-0, it is quite likely they will lose 10 consecutive games. In fact, the Cyclones have allowed Joe Ganz and Baylor QB Robert Griffin (who we will see next week) to complete 48 of 61 passes the past two weeks.
  • The last two games have converted me from a Shawn Watson hater to a Shawn Watson fan. Once again, the Husker offense looked great. 220 yards rushing and 328 yards passing is more than ideal - it's perfect. I'm ecstatic that he doesn't run the ball on every 1st down anymore - down to about 95% of the time now. How about 37:11 for time of possession?
  • I still want to see Patrick Witt or Zac Lee get some playing time. Remember when Osborne used to always play the second string QB for at least one series in the second quarter? At least a series here or there or at least even in mop up duty is all I'm asking. Don't ignore next year.
  • Why it took Marlon Lucky three years and 5 games to finally break out is baffling. Once again, he looked great. I still want to see Quentin Castille regain that weight he lost and I still want to see more of Marcus Mendoza. I loved it when Lucky lined up at QB before his second touchdown run. With his ability to throw, I wouldn't mind seeing Lucky play some more at QB ala Darrenn McFadden. The 'Wild Hog' could be interesting to see as the season goes on. Could this new offensive scheme make its coming out party in Norman?
  • Most likely, the only remaining game this year Nebraska will be an underdog in will be at Oklahoma. (It's hard for me to imagine in 3 weeks Kansas being favored in Lincoln.) Every other game besides the Oklahoma game on the schedule is a game I think we should win. If we do win all but the Oklahoma game, that would put us at 8-4 on the year. If you told me 8-4 in August I would have been on the ground.
  • Besides the debacle that was the Missouri game, every week the Huskers have shown signs of improvement on both sides of the ball. Offense is balanced, the defense has stopped spitting on people, and our team as a whole has stopped throwing footballs at the other team during warm-ups. The only thing I am still hung up on is penalties. I'm not willing to call 4 penalties for 45 yards a victory in that department quite yet.