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Friday, December 07, 2007

Predicting the 2008 Season

Wondering how the Huskers will do in 2008? I received this realistic glimpse into the future in my inbox although I am not sure who wrote it. Pelini? Anyways, outside struggles with Virginia Tech and Oklahoma things look good.

San Jose State: Win 77-0. Joe Ganz intercepts his own pass for a TD.

New Mexico State: Win 56-3. Bo Pelini pulls starters with 1:13 left in game to allow the first points of season.

Virginia Tech: Win 35-31. Bo Pelini tackles a VT kick returner running down the sideline to save the game for NU. Bo Pelini is fined $10,000 by NCAA and must sit out a 2 game suspension.

W. Michigan: Win 88-0. Tom Osborne reinstates himself as interim coach until Pelini comes off suspension.

Missouri: Win 42-7. Chase Daniel has 4 picks (2 int, 2 nose) and the second interception returned by a player with the name Bolini written by a Sharpie on the back of a plain white t-shirt. Bo Pelini could not be reached following the game due to his suspension.

Texas Tech: Win 70-10. Bo instructs the defense to allow TT to score 10 points in the final minute to avenge 2004 game.

Iowa State: Win 93-0. Bo asks T.O. if he has the power to kick ISU out of the Big 12.

Baylor: Win 4-0. Bo asks band if they had ever thought of playing offense. They try. The defense holds Baylor to -56 yards with 2 safeties. Later, ESPN runs the game as the human interest story of the day.

Oklahoma: Win 28-27. Bo sends a busload of NU sorority girls to Oklahoma's hotel. When asked by ESPN to comment on the move by Pelini, Bob Stoops admits it was a good coaching move and that he should have thought of it first. He noted that he prefers blondes.

Kansas: Win 51-10. During halftime, Pelini tells his players "I'm thinkin' National Championship." Mangino tells his "I'm thinkin' Arby's."

Kansas State: Win 70-3. After the game Pelini rushes to the other sideline to yell at Ron Prince for allowing him to run up the score.

Colorado: Win 69-14. Pelini has each player go over to the Colorado sideline to tell Dan Hawkins that bowl cuts are out of style. Coach Hawkins goes to the locker room to cry it out and his son stays to console him most of the game.

Texas - B12 Championship: Win 34-21. Pelini sneaks into Bevo's stable and cuts out major organs, feeding them to his defensive players. PETA bans Pelini from the state of Texas.

Florida - National Championship Game: Win 45-17. In his halftime speech, Bo tells a story from his childhood about how an alligator killed his father then ran off with his mother and all he ever wanted was revenge. The Huskers respond by scoring 45 unanswered points.

14-0 the first season. Not bad, not bad at all.

And finally, Jeffie used to do the Erin Andrews Picture of the Week every Friday to highly acclaimed reviews. This Friday I decided to change it up. I am telling you. Buy a satellite. Go find 'TV Azteca' out of Mexico. You will unearth the hottest sports reporter EVER.


Here she is receiving the flowers that I sent her.......

Here she is on our date later that night.......

Here she is 'dressed down' the morning after our date......

Here she is at the Super Bowl last year.......

Someone get the NFL on Line 1 we need to have a talk.