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Thursday, December 06, 2007

But Wait, The Season is Not Over...

That's right, apparently Nebraska has been invited to the CFB NIT hosted by Minnesota blog Gopher Nation. The NIT of college football is an 8 team tourney to determine who is the best of the best worst. It will take on the BCS format of taking 1 worthy team from the 6 BCS conferences and then give 2 lucky at large teams an opportunity to enter this prestigious tournament.

The seeding for the tournament looks like this:

#8 - Nebraska
#7 - Washington
#6 - Miami
#5 - Minnesota
#4 - Idaho
#3 - Syracuse
#2 - Notre Dame
#1 - Mississippi

That means Nebraska will take on Ole Miss in the first round.

And here is what they had to say about the Huskers:
(8) - Nebraska
How they got in - Big 12 Automatic Qualifier

How does Nebraska get in ahead of Baylor you ask? Well it takes a little more than just finish last to make this tourney. Baylor is always bad and probably always will be. Nebraska didn't just suck this year they made history along the way. They were killed by USC at home (with 2 late meaningless TDs), gave up 65 to Colorado and gave up 76 points on their way to getting humiliated by Kansas. This was a colossal failure in what was potentially a breakthrough year for Nebraska (ranked #14 at one point).
NOTE: in order to maintain their status in the NIT, Bill Callahan has been asked to coach the Huskers through the tourney.
I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work, but it gives us something else to think about while our coaching staff is finalized and our new head coach eventually abandons us for the national championship game.