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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Let's Play Catch Up

I keep waiting for new Husker news, but it seems to have slowed to trickle. With that being said, there have been a few notes worth commenting on.

· Jeff Jamrog is reportedly in the running for an administrative position within the athletic department. This is perhaps the opening that Trev Alberts seems to have turned down. I have no idea if this is a good or bad thing, but at some point doesn’t experience trump Husker ties? If you take Ron Brown out of the equation it seems like we might have the most inexperienced football staff in America.

· In addition, Pelini apparently has just one staff position yet to fill. So apparently despite this evidence, Bo won’t be doing it all by himself next year.

· Shawn Watson also appears determined to find himself a quarterback recruit this year. Sean Renfree and Tyler Wilson have both been offered in recent days. We’ve got some guys at that position, but QB seems to be a spot teams are always trying for fill on a yearly basis.

· Maurice Purify is still busy defending Callahan. That’s to be expected given the way Callahan protected Purify following his offseason issues. I have to disagree with at least part of this Purify quote, however.
“He’s a good coach, and he knows his stuff,” Purify said about Callahan, who coached the Oakland Raiders to a Super Bowl in 2002 before being fired in 2003 and signing with Nebraska in 2004. “It’s not really fair. It wasn’t the coach’s fault we were losing. We weren’t doing anything different last year when we went 9-4. It was just the little things — players not making plays when we needed them.”
Not doing the little things kept us from winning 10 or 11 games in 2006. In no way did “little things” account for the 2007 disaster.

· Corey McKeon had some interesting things to say in a recent Chicago Tribune article.

He injured the AC joint in his shoulder in Sept. against Ball State, an injury that hindered him the rest of the year.

“I definitely didn't play as well as a senior as I would have liked and I wasn't satisfied with it at all," McKeon said. "They changed the defense on us this year and we maybe got overworked a little in the spring and summer. Everyone had a lot invested in this season and as we started to falter, guys kind of caved in a little."
Blaming his own and the performance of the defense on being overworked and an injury is just a symptom of some of the larger problems under Callahan. It’s called accountability Corey. In addition, if McKeon has a meaningful career in the NFL then Sammy Vegas will stop drinking. In other words, no chance of either happening anytime soon.