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Friday, December 07, 2007

New Staff and Recruiting

I hate delving too far into recruiting on DXP, but I wanted to highlight the efforts of Pelini's new staff (and Osborne) over the past week. Toward that end I compiled a list of confirmed visits among our current "commit" list. Several of these guys are still looking around and I wouldn't count on any of them until signing day just to be sure. But anyway, here is what the coaching staff has been up to:

Will Compton LB - Visited by Pelini (Still looking around)
Ben Cotton TE – Committed after call from Pelini
Sean Fisher LB – Visited by Osborne and Pelini
Bryce Givens OL – Visited by Gilmore (Pelini and Osborne visiting soon, still looking around)
Eric Harper DE -
Ricky Henry OL – Contacted by Cotton (remains solid)
Tyson Hetzer TE – Visited by Pelini and Gilmore (now solid)
Adrian Hilburn WR –
Dan Hoch OL – Visited by Osborne and Cotton
Keelan Johnson DB – Visited by Mike Ekeler
Micah Kreikemeier LB – Committed to Pelini and Osborne
Simi Kuli DE 6-4 270 – Visited by Pelini
John Levorson ATH - Visited by Osborne
Cameron Meredith DE – Visited by Pelini and Gilmore
Shaun Mohler LB – Visited by Pelini and Gilmore (still looking around)
Collins Okafor RB – Visited by Osborne and Pelini
Kyler Reed ATH - Osborne may have visited (unconfirmed)
Riley Reiff DE -
Doug Rippy LB – Visited by Ron Brown
Baker Steinkuhler OL – Visited by Pelini
Brandon Thompson DL -
Joseph Townsend DT -
David Whitmore – Visited by John Papuchis
Josh Williams DE – Visited by Gilmore

Again, this is just my best efforts at putting this together. I'm sure I'm missing some visits/contacts but this is the best I can come up with for right now. In addition, it is important to note that the list doesn't include visits/contacts with guys who remain uncommitted, but on Nebraska's radar.

Not bad, for one week's worth of work.