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Friday, December 14, 2007

DXP Bowl Mania

It’s time to get the DXP Bowl Mania contest kicked off. Click the link, then go to the 'Double Extra Point' group. There you will find a slew of degenerates like us that have nothing to do this off-season besides enjoying gambling, strippers, and vodka - in no particular order.

Update!! Update!!

Our College Pick ‘Em contest ended with T. Rose dominating the field and finishing in the 99.5 percentile. Since he contributes to DXP, he wins nothing. However, he took the contest so serious that he flew to Rome to have this picture taken outside this Roman brothel where he also finished #1 . In fact, according to our money back guarantee, he owes every reader here 10 shekels for wearing a backpack and advising everyone to take Louisville every week in ‘Take the Double Extra Points.' MizzouHusker finished a close 2nd at the 97.5 percentile and won the second prize (M. Goble - email us from the site here to claim your gift certificate - sorry it is just from a Husker store and not a private lapdance). Sammy Vegas finished third at the 97.4 percentile which won this -
"Third prize will be a front row seat to watching Sammy Vegas pass out after a Saturday chock-full of booze and football."
Damn, how prophetic.

Well. I’d better get studying on the likes of Central Florida, Houston, Nevada, Florida Atlantic, and Cincinnati. After all, they are bowl worthy.

You know who else is bowl eligible? Tulsa. You know what Tulsa spelled backwards is? A Slut. Yet somehow I can't find a single picture of a slut from Tulsa worthy of this site.

The DXP Bowl Extravaganza coming soon...