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Monday, December 03, 2007

Bo Pelini: Head Coach of Nebraska

I like the sound of that. I liked the sound of that in 2003 and as he, himself, notes:
"I'm more prepared today than I was four years ago to be a head football coach," Pelini said in accepting the position that he first sought after Frank Solich was fired in 2003.
Pelini is clearly a little rough around the edges in front of the media, especially when contrasted with the smooth-stylings of Bill Callahan. But the key for me was what Pelini said, not the way he said it.

Family. Tradition. Open Door Policy.

Three phrases not in Bill Callahan's vocabulary.

The players will respond to Pelini, I have no doubt. Those that can't adjust will be shown the door. Those that buy into his system, and accept his leadership are sure to inherit his fiery persona. Just pay attention to what his former pupils at LSU think:
“When I take the field, I feel like I’m out there with an army and he’s our leader,” LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey told Yahoo! Sports. “He’s always wired up, always intense. He’s not a big cusser or anything, but he knows how to get you fired up.”
Another important factor factor was evident during the press conference. Pelini has great respect and admiration for Frank Solich. In other words, Pelini can now become the major force in healing the rift in Husker Nation. He made it crystal clear that Solich's contributions to Nebraska have not been appropriately recognized. With his comments about opening the program up to former players and coaches you have to think Solich will get a chance to set foot on campus in the near future.

I also had to smile when Pelini continued to emphasize the ways in which he would utililze Tom Osborne. I'd give anything to hear their upcoming conversations, but the bottom line is Pelini's recognition of the fantastic situation he walked into. Osborne has publicly stated he was willing to help out with the program long before he returned as intirim AD. Somebody just had to ask. And while the two might have contrasting personality styles, that type of working relationship is often dynamic.

Sponge meet spill.

Overall, I'm excited. That's a feeling that's been missing around here since August. I have no idea what next year's team is going to look like, but I have a strong sense that they will bear little resemblance to their 2007 counterparts.

Thank you Dr. Tom.