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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cannonball Coming!

New photos fresh out of U. of North Carolina brought back a sour memory of Damian Peter. Peter, youngest brother of Christian and Jason, began his college career as a very highly touted offensive lineman at Notre Dame before an unfortunate incident at a pool party ended his football career before it began.

These idiots, on the otherhand, are not freshmen and are not gambling on a college scholarship but rather gambling on millions of guaranteed money. Colossal idiots.

Tyler Hansbrough...

Bobby Frasor (fresh off ACL surgery)...

Go find some girls. Go find some beer. Go find a bong. Go find some pledges to get you all three. Don't go find the second floor and jump.

(From the Nebraska SAE Lambda Pi alumni chapter, the contributors here bid the UNC SAE house Phi Alpha (nice pool party by the way) and will welcome your invitation to next year's party.)