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Monday, May 12, 2008

Sam Keller and Friends; Spring Break Baby!

Tabloid news is good. But when tabloid material hits Nebraska, it becomes better. In only months, Sam Keller and Casey Connelly are becoming the ‘First Couple’ of Nebraska. This one comes straight out of Mexico.

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On the left, you’ll find a guy who wears a bandana on his right wrist, has a tattoo of the lyrics of R. Kelly’s Big Pimpin' on his stomach, and has taken 3 sips out of his first beer he bought 3 hours ago. In the middle, you’ll find a friend who prefers his lime green bandana on his head, just bought some Tom Cruise Top Gun aviator sunglasses for 5 dollars, and of course, is not holding a drink during Spring Break. On the right, Sam Keller is packing a 40 ouncer, wearing his Tom Cruise autographed Top Gun dog chains (free with the purchase of the sunglasses), and sporting a hat that even junior high skaters won’t wear anymore.

Speaking of junior high, Sam and Casey definitely give a new meaning to the phrase ‘sucking face’….