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Monday, May 12, 2008

So You Think You Can QB?

Off-season required reading here. A 106-page opus on quarterbacking apparently given to Maryland QBs in past seasons. It includes basic duties and expectations placed on the position. It also contains sample naming conventions for defensive fronts, secondary alignments, and other key concepts. It even has a short quiz and some material for a Q&A session with the coach and players.

Read this before you're quick to criticze Joe Ganz or to call for the #2 guy following a poor performance.

QB Training Manual

Here's just a sample of what's included inside:


A. Why read defenses?

B. What QB looks for once he breaks the huddle
1. Play clock
2. Free safety
3. Strong safety
4. Front

C. How to identify fronts
1. 50 Defense – LB over OG
2. 60 Defense – No playside LB
3. 70 Defense – 3 Man side LB over OT
4. 80 Defense – 4 Man side
5. 90 Defense – 3 Man side LB stacked over OG or aligned in “A” Gap
6. Stack Defense – LB slide towards TE
7. Solid – Defense – Center and both OG
8. Bear Defense – LB Secondary aligned over TE and a rush defender outside.
9. +(Plus) – Nose shades to the TE or strong side.
10.- (Minus) – Nose shades to the TE or strong side.
11. Wide – OT uncovered by Down Lineman
12. Tight – OT and OG covered by Down Linemen

via USC Trojan Football Analysis