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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vote for Deadspin's 2008 SHOTY

This is the last weekend to vote for Deadspin's 'SHOTY' (Sportshuman Of The Year) contest. The finals match the #1 seed Buzz Bissinger vs. the #11 seed Baby Mangino and voting is open until this Sunday.

Buzz Bissinger and Deadspin editor Will Leitch sparred on HBO's 'Costas Now' last April. Bissinger is an established sports writer best known for his book, "Friday Night Lights." And by watching this segment of 'Costas Now' that explored the world of sports blogging, it's not very difficult to recognize Bissinger's opinion for Leitch and the rest of the sports blogosphere.

Part of the segment is below but you can watch it in its entirety here. Great television. For Leitch's reaction to the show, read here.

Baby Mangino was a costume fabricated by unknown parents presumably from somewhere in Jayhawk Land. Outstanding.

Both are excellent choices and both are deserving in their own right. To vote, click here.