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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Tebow? I'm Not Sure If I Can

In case you had enough after the National Championship game and were living in a no-Tebow-zone for the past few weeks, here is Tebow's sermon on giving college football fans one more glorious year of his eternal presence.

Then, at last Saturday's Florida-Arkansas basketball game, Tim Tebow walked out with several other Gator players and coaches during halftime so they could be honored for their National Championship. Tebow initially walked out with a sling around his right arm because of arthroscopic surgery he had on his shoulder the previous Monday. By the time Tebow was done talking, the sling was torn off and thrown into the crowd. It was truly a miracle.

I'm not going to sit here and slam Tebow for his faith and his family's continuing mission work worldwide. That's great he devotes time to help others. However, there are plenty of collegiate athletes that do great things for others that rarely get mentioned in the same way as the great Tebow.

Take for example Florida State's Myron Rolle. It absolutely baffles me as to why Tebow continues to dominate the college football media frenzy with his goodwill for humanity when you have someone like Rolle who deserves more admiration. Rolle recently won a Rhodes Scholarship and will be passing up millions of dollars as a Top 50 NFL pick so he can study medical anthropology for a year at Oxford University. Whether he eventually decides to return to the NFL is still up in the air, but Rolle has made it clear that when he is done with medical school - where he wants to become a neurosurgeon - he is going back home to the Bahamas to open up free medical clinics for people who can't afford medical care. Rolle founded a program called 'Our Way To Health' for Seminole Indian children to help educate them about the importance of physical fitness, he studied comparative politics and holistic medicine for six weeks in London, and he was awarded a $4,000 grant for cancer research. In fact, Rolle is so unconcerned about the accolades that football brings him that Florida State defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews once actually complained that Myron was spending too much time concerning himself with school and research and not enough time preparing as a Florida State football player.

Sure, Rolle's accomplishments were mentioned for a few weeks on most of the major sports networks. However, they weren't even close to being covered as much as Tebow's announcement on his return for his senior season, his National Championship, or his slinging of his arm sling.

Take the following video of Tebow at the recent National Championship game for an example of how the media has always and will always worship the ground he walks on. According to Michael Smith at Fanhouse,
"Thom Brennaman said, 'That might be the first thing he's ever done wrong in his life.' Brennaman's partner, Charles Davis, was even worse: He tried to excuse Tebow's behavior by saying, 'he was backing away, which is good.' Uh, no. Tebow had purposefully walked several yards downfield to get right into Harris' face before he did the Gator Chomp. He only started backing away when he was sure Harris had seen what he was doing. Last time I checked, getting in someone's face to taunt him, only to back away before he has a chance to respond, isn't "good."

Enough is enough. I can't believe that for another entire year we will have to watch Tebow and the Gators and be told that this is the best player to ever play college football and the best human to ever walk the earth. I'm literally getting nauseous thinking about it.