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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Quick Hits

First off I apologize for a lack of meaningful posts. I’m not really a planner and tend to “wing it,” when it comes to my everyday life (this blog included). I suppose lacking the context of the actual football season, has left me grasping at ways to fill the space. I’ll get better, I promise.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this week’s Dear Abby column about Nebraska football fans and their weddings. For me this column was a bit like having your friends finally realize the depth of your heroin problem. Sure folks might know you dabble a bit, but planning your daughter’s wedding around your next fix is another level all-together.

The column also hit home for another reason. For those that don’t follow my personal life closely, I got engaged just over a month ago (totally not a Russian bride, believe it or not). We are a ways from setting a date, but showing this column to the Girl Who Finds Jeffie Husker Infinitely Loveable (GWFJHIL for short), hopefully helped rule-out a Fall wedding. While blocking out every weekend from late August to the first weekend of January might play well in Lincoln, Omaha, or Ogallala, it is viewed far less favorably outside the confines of “the Good Life”. This phenomenon also does nothing to change the dominant view of Nebraska as a state of cornfields, frozen steaks and football.

In other news Baylor blog Bear Meat, takes a closer look at Nebraska from a Baptist Waco perspective. It also includes a photo log of famous Nebraskans (a short list, obviously), a taste of Lincoln’s own Melissa Midwest (careful NSFW), and a shout out to us “hornballs” at DXP. If you aren’t reading Bear Meat daily, you need to start. They are quickly making a name for themselves in the blogosphere.

I plan on getting more good stuff up here in the days and weeks that follow.