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Monday, February 12, 2007

Quick Hits

I hadn't commented on it yet but six Huskers will miss the Spring practices due to injury. They are:

Barry Turner (shoulder)
Jacob Hickman (knee)
Corey Young (shoulder)
Seth Jensen (shoulder)
Craig Roark (shoulder)
Mike McNeill (shoulder)

The two I am most concerned about are Turner and McNeill. Turner is going to be relied upon heavily to create pressure from his DE spot. Nursing a shoulder through the Spring will keep him away from the weightroom, preventing him from adding much needed strength. McNeill is a problem given the lack of depth and apparent deficiency of talent at the TE position. I had hoped that he could step up and take on a big role in the offense in 2007. Now we’ll have to see how he progresses once he is healthy.

Another thing to note is the abundance of shoulder injuries. Is the shoulder injury going to become Dave Kennedy’s athletic pubalgia? I seriously hope not.

Additionally, Chad Roark is no longer a member of the team after being forced to give up football due to a persistent back injury. This is an unfortunate situation for Chad, who looked to have a promising future.

Nebraska also dodged a bullet when WR Coach Ted Gilmore accepted and then unacceptedthe same position with the Oakland Raiders. Said Gilmore:
"It's a combination of everything," Gilmore said. "I prayed about it. Although it's a wonderful opportunity (in Oakland), it's just not the right opportunity at this point in my life. All I can do is go on my gut feeling.

"I came to Nebraska to win a championship, and haven't done that at this point."